Manuscript Submissions

Manuscript Submissions

Teleion Books welcomes manuscript submissions from first-time and published authors. We accept un-agented and agented manuscripts as well as simultaneous submissions. See our editorial standards for insights on the material we publishPlease be sure to follow the submission guidelines below.

You will receive a response within 6-8 weeks if your submission is being considered for publication.       

Submission Guidelines

We prefer receiving electronic submissions via the Submission Information and Upload form below. Uploading large files may take a moment, so please do not close the web-page until you receive a “Thank you” message confirming your submission. 

We also accept submissions via e-mail and delivery of physical documents. Submissions via e-mail or delivery of physical documents must include a cover letter containing the information requested below. Submitted materials will not be returned so do not send original documents. Be sure to keep a copy of all submitted documentsE-mailed submissions can be sent to See the Contact Us page for our mailing address. 

Manuscript File Content and Format:  

  1. Document Content:  Submit only the first 25 pages of your spell-checked manuscript for an initial review
  2. Document Format: Use the following basic formatting:  (a) 1” margins, size 12 font, double-spaced, (b) include page numbers, (c) show author name and book title in the header or footer of each page
  3. File Format: Send files only in .doc or .pdf format (not docx)
  4. File naming convention:  Author Last Name_Author First Name_Manuscript Title

Submission Information and Upload

The information requested below enables a more coherent evaluation of submissions. Please complete each section before uploading a document. Be sure to load only .doc or .pdf files, not docx.  

    Author Information

    3-8 sentences. Tell us about yourself as the author. Include applicable insights on your relationship to book's topic/story, qualifying expertise or education, ministry or service activity, any writing or publishing experience. Also share your reason for writing this manuscript.
    2-8 sentences. Briefly affirm your faith and describe the way(s) it influenced this manuscript or is reflected in this manuscript.
    Note the cultural heritage(s) your voice represents (e.g. African-American, Jamaican, Nigerian).
    If applicable.

    Manuscript Information

    Software such as Microsoft Word contain a word count function.
    3-8 sentences. Briefly describe your book. If your book has previously been published, note the publisher's name and publication year.
    Provide a table of contents (chapter listing) along with a short description of each chapter. For picture book submissions, type only, "Picture Book."

    Reading Audience Information

    1-4 sentences. Describe your target reader. Consider age, gender, and reader circumstances (e.g., new mothers, entrepreneurs, single men) or interests (e.g. bicycling, traveling, poetry).
    2-8 sentences. Briefly describe your book's benefit for readers. Answers to any of the following questions may help with developing this description: What problem(s) can this book help readers resolve? What type of information / insight / entertainment does your book offer readers? How can readers' lives be improved by reading this book? What aspects of the book will cause readers to tell a friend about your book?

    Additional Information

    Author activity and visibility on one or more platforms is helpful, but not required. We welcome manuscripts from authors who do not yet have a platform. Platforms include the following:

    • Author website or blog
    • Social media presence
    • Speaking, teaching, preaching, leadership, ministry activity
    • Radio or TV appearances
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    Send files in .doc, .docx, or .pdf format