Manuscript Submissions


Teleion Books welcomes manuscript submissions from first-time and published authors whose writing is consistent with our editorial standards. We accept un-agented and agented manuscripts as well as simultaneous submissions.  

We prefer electronic manuscript submissions via the submission form below, however we also accept submissions via e-mail and delivery of physical documents. Submissions via e-mail or delivery of physical documents must include a cover letter that contains the required information outlined below. Be sure to keep a copy of all submitted documents.

Please allow 6-8 weeks for a response regarding your submission.  

Please Note: Submitted materials will not be returned. Teleion Books has sole discretion to dispose of or destroy the materials.

Submission Requirements

Manuscript Format:  

  1. Document Format: Use a basic format for the text (e.g. 1” margins, size 12 font, single spaced)  
  2. File Format: Send files with a .doc or .docx format  
  3. File name convention:  Author Last Name_Author First Name_Manuscript Title

Author Information

2-8 sentences about author (include applicable insights on your relationship to book topic/story, your ministry activity, any writing/publishing experience or topical expertise/education)
2-8 sentences about the author’s faith and how your faith is reflected in this manuscript.

Manuscript Information

200 words or less. What would you tell readers to generate interest in your book? What does your book offer (e.g. how will it benefit or help readers)? This description should be clear and succinct as if it could appear on the back cover of your book.

Reading Audience

Describe your target reader in 1-4 sentences. Consider age, gender, and reader circumstances (e.g. new mothers, entrepreneurs, single men) or interests (bicycling, traveling, poetry).
2 - 5 sentences. You may consider answering one of the following questions: What problem(s) can this book help them solve? How can their lives improve after reading this book? What type of information / insight / entertainment does your book offer readers?

Additional Information

Author Platform (activity and visibility) Note: Author visibility on one or more of the platforms below is helpful, but not required. We welcome manuscripts from authors who do not yet have a platform.

• Author website or blog
• Social media presence
• Speaking, teaching, preaching, ministry activity
• Radio or TV appearances