Manuscript Submissions

Manuscript Submissions

Teleion Books welcomes manuscript submissions from first-time and published authors who are aligned with our mission statement and whose writing is consistent with our editorial standards. We accept un-agented and agented manuscripts as well as simultaneous submissions. Please be sure to follow the submission guidelines below.

You will receive a response within 6-8 weeks if your submission is being considered for publication.      


Submission Guidelines

We prefer receiving electronic submissions via the Submission Information and Upload form below. Uploading large files may take a moment, but please do not close the web-page until you receive a “Thank you” message confirming your submission.

We also accept submissions via e-mail and delivery of physical documents. Submissions via e-mail or delivery of physical documents must include a cover letter containing the information requested below. Submitted materials will not be returned so do not send original documents. Be sure to keep a copy of all submitted documentsE-mailed submissions can be sent to See the Contact Us page for our mailing address. 

Manuscript File Content and Format:  

  1. Document Content:  Submit only the first 25 pages of your spell-checked manuscript for an initial review
  2. Document Format: Use the following basic formatting:  (a) 1” margins, size 12 font, double-spaced, (b) include page numbers in the lower right corner of each page, (c) show author name and book title in lower left corner of each page
  3. File Format: Send files in .doc or .pdf format (not docx)
  4. File naming convention:  Author Last Name_Author First Name_Manuscript Title

Submission Information and Upload

The information requested below enables a more coherent evaluation of submissions. Please complete each section before uploading a document. Failure to thoroughly complete each section can hinder consideration of your submission.  

    Author Information

    3-8 sentences. Tell us about yourself as the author. Include applicable insights on your relationship to book's topic/story, qualifying expertise or education, ministry or service activity, any writing or publishing experience. Also share your reason for writing this manuscript.
    2-8 sentences. Briefly affirm your faith and describe the way(s) it influenced this manuscript or is reflected in this manuscript.
    If applicable.

    Manuscript Information

    Software such as Microsoft Word contain a word count function.
    3-8 sentences. Briefly describe your book. If your book has previously been published, note the publisher's name and publication year.
    Provide a table of contents (chapter listing) along with a short description of each chapter.

    Reading Audience Information

    1-4 sentences. Describe your target reader. Consider age, gender, and reader circumstances (e.g. new mothers, entrepreneurs, single men) or interests (e.g. bicycling, traveling, poetry).
    2-8 sentences. Briefly describe your book's benefit for readers. Answers to any of the following questions may help with developing this description: What problem(s) can this book help readers resolve? What type of information / insight / entertainment does your book offer readers? How can readers' lives be improved by reading this book? What aspects of the book will cause readers to tell a friend about your book?

    Additional Information

    Author activity and visibility on one or more platforms is helpful, but not required. We welcome manuscripts from authors who do not yet have a platform. Platforms include the following:

    • Author website or blog
    • Social media presence
    • Speaking, teaching, preaching, leadership, ministry activity
    • Radio or TV appearances
    Click or drag a file to this area to upload.
    Send files in .doc or .pdf format (not .docx)