Illustration & Activity Submissions


Teleion Books welcomes submissions of illustration samples and children’s activity samples (e.g. connect-the-dots, find the hidden picture, find the pair). Submitted materials will not be returned. We will keep submitted samples in our files and contact you if we would like to discuss a potential project. We prefer electronic submissions via the submission form below. If you send submissions via e-mail or delivery of physical documents, please include a cover letter that contains the data requested in the submission form below.

Submission Requirements

Complete each field in the following submission form, attach a sample file in the format described below, and click “Send”

Illustration & Activity Sample File Format:  

  1. Submit a file containing 2-5 samples
  2. File type:  JPG, PNG, or a similar format
  3. File name convention:  Illustrator Last Name_Illustrator First Name_Artwork Name